Onetouch Mediaroom
Energy Efficient Systems

Go Green & Save Green

Our environmental commitment extends beyond the comfort of your home. Through timed operation and intelligent synchronization among climate control, window shades and lighting systems, a Onetouch Mediaroom system maximizes comfort when you’re in and minimizes energy consumption, especially while you’re away.

Reducing energy consumption means just as much to the bottom line as it does to Mother Earth. Integrated systems from Onetouch Mediaroom intelligently reduce electricity usage in a variety of ways:

  • Solar-powered options
  • Installation of efficient devices
  • Timed operation of tasks
  • Turning off unneeded / unused components
  • Closing window shades to deflect sunlight and reduce air conditioner dependency


Introducing Smart LED Lighting

An integrated wireless lighting control system for any application…

Smart LED Lighting

Traditionally, lighting control systems require a substantial infrastructure, installation and planning. Onetouch Mediaroom adds value by including the control system in the light, itself, building upon the benefits of already efficient LED lighting.

By eliminating physical ethernet cabling, our all-wireless, mesh network-controlled smart lighting system allows for greatly reduced installation time and is a perfect fit for both new construction and renovations, alike. As the system performs in standalone mode, a secondary control system is not required, reducing total system cost and hardware footprint. Plus, for ultimate convenience, the system may be integrated with a whole home or office-wide automation system for a single point of intelligent control.


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