Onetouch Mediaroom
Dream Big

Portable and in-wall touch screen interfaces throughout the home provide local control over systems that are tied into a single, internet-connected network. Not only does the power of the net allow for information access by a range of smart appliances, but it also allows for an unparalleled level of flexible control when residents are away, as well.

Through mobile applications developed for today’s modern smart phones and devices, including the iPhone and iPad, homeowners may monitor and control every electronic component in their home from anywhere they can receive internet access. Imagine checking security cameras or adjusting lighting and temperature settings while you’re on your way home from work—or on vacation. As long as you’re connected, you’re in control.


In-Wall Touch Panel


Smart & Secure

Beyond direct operation, Onetouch Mediaroom solutions also provide a limitlessly customizable array of automated programs — both event and time triggered — to make our clients’ lives easier and safer while conserving resources and reducing energy costs.

Say it’s a warm sunny day; rather than running the air conditioning, your smart system lowers all of the window shades to maintain a comfortable temperature. If you have children, you may receive notifications as they arrive home from school or limit their television viewing though time-based limits. As you retire for the night, your system shuts down every room while arming the security system. All of this and more are possible with a Onetouch Mediaroom system. If you can dream it, chances are that we can design and program it into your personalized solution.

A single system controller is powerful enough to manage and monitor your entire home. At its core is a highly-optimized operating system designed with security and reliability in mind— making it robust enough to control security and intercom systems along with your favorite comfort and entertainment equipment.


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